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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cobra Verde - 1987 - Dir. Herzog

It kind of sucks that this was the last collaboration between Herzog and Kinski, because I feel like of all their movies together, this one left sort of the least of an impact on me. I'm not entirely sure why. I suppose Kinski could be pretty striking at times, I just feel like I was least interested in his character. Usually they are so driven or at least... I dunno. In this film, he seemed just like kind of a pawn. The film isn't bad by any means, I guess, it just doesn't really hold up with the other four films. There's plenty of neat visuals going on. I feel like the King's fortress with the strange towers are really of note. Kind of Neverhood-ish. I really think the story just ends up being a little weaker. It sorta doesn't have a really strong focus or conflict. It is kind of dully historical and less indicative of Herzog/Kinski's collaborations. I think maybe it didn't age as well. Sure, we don't see Amazons training everyday, but seeing large groups of people train for battle just isn't as epic as it once was. The movie's last scene is awesome, I am not going to act like it isn't. It kind of felt like I really watered down version of a Herzog movie.
I would love for Kinski to play a Craig T. Nelson type character.

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