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Monday, March 8, 2010

Enemy Mine - 1985 - Dir. Petersen

I think I knew basically what I was getting into with this movie, at least in tone. The scope of the story was a little more broad than I expected. I thought it would be single man v. alien on empty planet. Well, I suppose maybe that's about half of it. Then it's a lot of Quaid raising alien baby, seeking revenge. Kind of like Jeremiah Johnson in space. Apart from the whole baby subplot, the movie functions like a buddy cop thinger. There's not a lot that's terribly interesting about it. I like the tentacle thing that came out of the sand. OH! And Leon from Blade Runner shows up as the films sudden antagonist. I do love looking at that man. The movie gets especially uninteresting when Quaid is raising the kid, the movie lazily lumps on ridiculous cliches and sappy moments. Quaid is fun enough to watch. The film never really absorbed me. It's kind of a jutting monument of goofy 80's sci-fi movies. I suppose the end action sequence was a bit fun, at least it held my attention and didn't just completely butt out. There's some neat insinuations of the future (the "funerals") but that's balanced out by boring and unimaginative rants about manifest destiny in space business simplified to a "We want it!" "No WE want it!" argument.
Both Quaid and Gossett "popping a squat."

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