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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Candyman - 1992 - Dir. Rose

I was actually kind of surprised to like this. It's a shame it's sort of stored in our cultural memory in a kind of superficial way. I mean, It's not BRILLIANT. But I would say it's definitely an upper-tier slasher (a genre I feel sticks to the lower tier pretty regularly). First of all, an awesome amount of the film takes place in a rundown Projects. Candyman's "Lair" is terrific looking. It's spooky and an absolutely fascinating space. Rose gives us a lot of tiny details (Razor blades in candy) and some sweet graffiti. The whole atmosphere built around the Projects and the Upperclass intellectual v. lower class superstition is also handled surprisingly well. It felt fresh and more interesting than a lot of other horror films have managed. The movie does have a tendency to drag, and I don't think there are really any surprising elements in it. Maybe in 92, it might have been more surprising though. The end with the pyre is pretty awesome, I have to admit (at least in theory). I suppose in retrospect I'm enjoying it more than when I watched it, since I remember feeling pretty mild about it afterward. A lot of cool ideas, maybe a little aged?
Yeaaaahhh!!! Take it off, Tony!

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