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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pierrot Le Fou - 1965 - Dir. Godard

I saw this back when... as I was first introducing myself to Godard. I remember only really being struck by the scene where they put on the goofy play for the American Tourists, mostly because the Americans were ridiculous. Apart from that, it just seemed long as hell and slow. I liked it a lot more this time around. And it didn't even feel that long, except maybe the third act. I suppose I barely had any interest in a resolution to the plot or the "heist." I have to admit, the very end is awesome. But the first two thirds of the movie are charming as hell. Godard is so good at filming cute girls. Or he's good at finding cute girls and having them do cute things. Karina and Belmondo are a charming pair. The film is also at a nice point between Godard's hyper-political/abstract point and his black and white films. It's a little bit of both. So it's still abstract and political but he's still pretty playful and it feels less like he's beating you over the head. It also helps that they're on the Mediterranean and everything is just fucking beautiful. Oh man, and the song about her Fate Line is awesome. Sometimes the movie is just them wandering around having neat conversation. And maybe it's just the wander-y part of me, but that's just damn awesome.

Pierrot Le Fou 1

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