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Friday, March 26, 2010

Stroszek - 1977 - Dir. Herzog

You know, Bruno S. is a hell of a guy to watch. I saw him in Kaspar Hauser and he definitely stuck out. I thought he was just acting in Kaspar but I suppose he is a little rattled. I mean, there's a chance he isn't but Herzog cast him after seeing a doc about street musicians and apparently his early life resembles that of Stroszek's. He definitely has a kind of... he's hypnotizing to watch. He's a little bit like the opposite of Kinski, who is exploding all over the place with emotions. Bruno is imploding. It can be so difficult to read him sometimes and his isolation is just completely out of hand. I suppose the movie is never as sad as you might think it would be. It has a lot of comedic sequences and absurdity mixed in with all of the drama. Because, after all, a great deal of the film is watching Bruno get shat all over by basically everyone. The ending is just awlsome. I loved the dancing chicken and the other sideshow traps. Naturally, Herzog gives them undue focus which always makes a happy Jeff. It's pretty neat how Herzog manages to assemble these types of movies. Non actors, unchanged locations. The film just meanders around, there's a clear finish line, but Herzog doesn't take the direct route there.
Bruno S. is FEELING it.

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