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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Deep Red - 1975 - Dir. Argento

Man, this was my first Argento movie. I have to admit as to being a little disappointed. I had seen the teeth bashing clip and was like, "Hey... I can get down with that." But the thing is... I feel like Argento only really directs THAT way. At least, the murder scenes. He seems to have A SINGLE IDEA about Directing and just kind of follows that repeatedly. So I felt like it was getting dull pretty fast. I didn't get too much of a goofy vibe from him, which I think might have made a few scenes a little more bearable. I know the cop was supposed to be goofy. Well, I suppose I found him somewhat entertaining. I mean, when the guy is just dragged behind the truck? That's RIDICULOUS. Not even ridiculous in a fun way. Well, maybe it was a little fun. Argento did say that he wanted to have deaths that were easy to relate to. He definitely accomplishes THAT at least. I dunno why, but the film jumped back and forth between English and Italian. And the Pianist being the detective? I dunno. You know, I can accept some really implausible things in film, but Argento was really making it tricky for me.
This guy just needs to chill out.

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