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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nosferatu: The Vampire - 1979 - Dir. Herzog

Continuing my Herzogology, Nosferatu recently came into my possession. I hadn't really put two and two together of Klaus Kinski and Isabella Adjani being not only in the same film together but basically being protagonist and antagonist. I mean, they are the same kind of intensely theatrical actors, able to make HUGE emotions without being ridiculous. Not only that, but being directed by fucking Werner Herzog!? Even though, I'm talking it up, the movie is SOMEWHAT muted. Somewhat. By that, I mean, it just isn't screaming. Kinski portrays a very sad vampire, years ahead of Robert Pattinson. It kind of does some pretty neat stuff, nudging the original film. Calling it a stylistic remake, an idea that's a lot of fun and something I can get behind. The subplot of the plague is an interesting addition, especially with the goofy as festival things it leads to. There are plenty of awesome visuals in the film, especially when anyone is carrying a coffin. Unfortunately, I saw the english dub, or english version where apparently some of the performances are a little weaker since Kinski and Ganz apparently struggle with the English a little bit. Kinski still seemed plenty dandy but Ganz was totally weak. Oh man! And the last scene where they debate arresting Van Helsing is pretty ridiculous and Herzog all the way. An enjoyable film, if not a little slow.
Easily two of the most INSANE actors I know.

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