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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen - 2009 - Dir. Gray

EH! It's about as good as you might expect from the trailer. Of course, nothing really resolves itself as excitingly or as interestingly as you might want. It's not HORRID. Well, I mean, Gerald Butler tortures a guy, but it's not like Saw or anything of the like. I just mean, it's not unwatchable. You can just, sit and watch this movie. Not really have many significant feelings at all. I like Gerald Butler. He's a fun guy to watch. Which is good because he spends a good chunk of time in the movie sitting and saying cryptic things. Oh, when he stabs the guy, that's pretty cool. I'll get behind a well-crafted stabbing scene. I feel like this movie just had a dumb script. I think that was the problem. A bunch of generally talented and capable people got together to bring a shitty script to life. Or maybe the script originally terrific and someone wanted to dick it up. The premise is somewhat promising, if not intriguing, but nothing really comes to fruition. There's a robot, and prison tunnels, there's something almost nostalgic about the plot twists, and I don't think that's a good thing. Pondering well worn traditions when I want to be surprised isn't a good thing. Jaime Foxx is in it. And, uh, Bruce McGil or something. That guys good at playing the guys he plays. Ahhhhahaha...

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