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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tokyo Gore Police - 2008 - Dir. Nishimura

I think, if there was a perfect demographic for this film. Maybe it's Insane Children. Children who just... have no sense of reality and only want to expose and destroy the human body. Someone like that. And Me. To some degree, I know Nishimura made this movie for me. To let me know that special effects can still be like John Carpenter's The Thing. News I was overjoyed to hear. While looking for pictures, I was reminded by how incredibly insane this movie was. I was not sober while watching this movie, and I'm sure I forgot tons of weird shit. There's SO MUCH weird shit, you're bound to forget things. I'm not going to list it. But the film is just showcasing Nishimura, a special effects fella. He's worth showcasing too. It's not about realism, it's about his aesthetic. It's cheap and goofy, and pretty pleasantly reminiscent of the 80's. The movie never for a moment acts like it is something other than that. You know exactly what you're in for by time the title rolls. Hell! You know what you're in for from the title itself. TOKYO GORE POLICE. To be honest, the movie didn't even make me squeemish. And they do some AWFUL things to people, but it's never not silly. Not matter what horrible unspeakable act is on screen.
Still, nowhere near the weirdest thing in this movie.

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