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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Girls - 1994 - Dir. Kaplan

I'm working on a movie that has a similar premise so I figured I should check it out. It's uh, well, it has Robert Loggia in it. That's always a thing that happens. It's also pretty boring. Badly structured. Kind of a waste of a neat premise. It sorta feels like everyone is busting out their mediocre game on this one. Jim Beaver from Deadwood is (sorta) in it. They start a whole plotline of Pinkertons and then just kind of send it away for the much more dull plotline involving... I dunno... Madeline Stowe and her stupid ass gangster ex-dude. I really would have rather followed the Pinkertons though. The plot should be fairly straightforward but it dicks around endless to get a decent running time or WHATEVER. Often times characters act in completely unreasonable ways, generally to create a situation where the movie can continue its endless dickery. I think Drew Barrymore might have been pretty good, I can't remember. Stowe doesn't really carry as the lead, or maybe the film just doesn't give her very much to work with. People are pretty fucking flat in it. And past the four main women, who I feel like we're only introduced to AFTER they're on the run, which seems just positively retarded. I couldn't figure out why James LeGros or Dermot were even in the fucking movie.
All right, I'll admit it. Barrymore has a pretty sweet hat.

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