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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bugged - 1997 - Dir. Armstrong

Ehhhhhh... it's okay. It's a pretty harmless film, I suppose. Goofy. Nice enough nature. I don't watch a lot of Troma films but I'm under the impression this is somewhat standard fare. I mean, it looks supremely cheap and IS a dumb movie. But you know... It's about killer bugs. And all the exterminators stop their diorama competition to all get trapped in a house filled with ultra-smart mutant termites. I was pretty shocked when I saw that Diorama competition. You don't see a lot of Diorama humor these days. But in '97, man, you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone telling a Diorama joke. There's also a joke involving uncooked chicken. GOLDEN. It kind of reminded me of movies I made in high school/college, like as you watch the movie, you're not like "Ahhh, I'm in capable hands, right now." I feel like a lot of the jokes or ideas in the movie might have ended up a little better if it was less... uh, Troma-y, I suppose.
The movie didn't have any screenshots, but you know... THE PREDATOR.

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