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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Slammin' Salmon - 2009 - Dir. Heffernan

It's funnier than Beerfest. I'll give it that much. I still won't get behind it as much as Super Troopers or Club Dread. I remember having a significant amount of laughs though. Michael Clarke Duncan is, of course, pretty fucking entertaining, in exactly the way you would have expected him to be. It generally just nice to see someone you know who can act, doing some really dumb crap. That's why John C. Reilly's so fucking funny sometimes. This is the first Broken Lizard film that Heffernan has directed on his own. It doesn't really look or feel significantly different apart from some more robust editing than the others. I can't remember a stand-out performance from the cast apart from Duncan. No one ISN'T entertaining, which I suppose is an accomplishment. They seemed to even distribute the quirky/dickishness pretty evenly between them all. I feel like Paul Soter got to make an ass out of himself more than he usually does. I suppose like the other Broken Lizard movies: It's silly. It doesn't exactly bring anything new to the table as far as comedic ideas go, so it's understandable when it feels a little tiresome, but they are all capable and charming enough.

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