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Monday, March 1, 2010

Manufacturing Consent - 1992 - Dir. Achbar/Wintonick

I'm not really going to approach how I feel about Mr. Chomsky. Mostly because I don't have a really good idea of how I feel. To start, I don't know much about the man. I feel like the film projects a Chomsky-ness to it, and he's certainly IN a lot of it. And he does a lot of talking. But it certainly isn't direct with basic information, which is funny because he is a direct enough fella. I feel like we get a very vague background to the man, mentioned often in passing. The film actually plays around a lot with different footage, different ways of coming across with information. Basically playing on the way the media gives us info. It's a clever, pretty watchable film. I'll say I didn't attempt to watch it in one viewing but rather many. I also think this was a good idea, and I'd certainly watch it again in the same way. Chomsky doesn't try and get our emotions all riled up, so he can certainly be dull. No problem with that, whatsoever. I still find him fascinating to listen to. It covers a few of his theories and certain topics of discussion. It's all very interesting and usually involving a kind of white wash of an event. It doesn't really offer many opposing views. It's sort of like a biased person just telling you about him and showing you Noam Chomsky youtube videos. So... depends on how much you like Noam, I guess.
Noam, you've manufactured MY consent... FOR A KISS.

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