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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Special Effects - 1984 - Dir. Cohen

FEH. A mostly forgettable film which felt like kind of a shame because Cohen and Bogosian in New York seems like it'd be a way more promising idea. Like... best Larry Cohen movie ever kind of thing. It's not that. In fact, if I had a better idea of which Larry Cohen movie I dislike the most, I might say this one is in the running. Cohen's movies sure do run the gamut of my opinions. I have no average for the man. Anyway, Bogosian does more bug-eying in the script than speaking... you know that thing that he's fucking incredible at. Well, he's incredible at bug-eying too, but it's not the same... The movie has a bit of promise making the usual neat Cohen-esqe jabs and whatnot but it never really amounts to much. The movie kind of pulls the usual punches and leading to fairly predictable climax. Bogosian's apartment is kinda neat sometimes, considering the usual dull settings, it's something worth mentioning. Or maybe there's just one hall that I liked. The "protagonist" is a real doof and boring as hell. Also the resolution is RIDICULOUS in a manner I might have bought in a sillier movie, but Special Effects was more stuffy than fun. Maybe if it had a bit more fun (and it does every now and then but it feels routine more than anything else), I might not have felt so strongly opposed to the whole mess, but it seemed a little caught up in itself.
I couldn't find a single picture from Special Effects, so here's Eric.

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