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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cliffhanger - 1993 - Dir. Harlin

You know, maybe because it was so pleasingly banal, I really like Cliffhanger at first. In fact, up until the second act, I think I wanted to make a movie JUST LIKE Cliffhanger. And that's not to say I wanted to make an action movie in the mountains. Oh no. I just wanted to make a movie as straightforwardly unimaginative as Mr. Harlin had. I thought it was awesome how like a million other movies it was (NOT SARCASM). It did it so well. BUT MAN, I wouldn't have thought people chasing each other through the mountains would have been so boring. I almost wanted to turn it off a few times. Even John Lithgow didn't make me wanna chug through this ass-movie (yeah, I'll pretend that's a word). In fact, if someone asked me how to enjoy John Lithgow, I would suggest they watch the fourth season of Dexter over this. I would suggest they watch friggen HALF A DAY of TV before they watch less than two hours of this. It's BORING. How did Harlin make Lithgow boring? Well, he's fun sometimes. He's certainly the most entertaining part of the movie. That and the enigmatic LEON (Of Bats fame). Apparently, they want to remake this movie, which I think is just a clever way of saying, they want to make another action movie in mountains. Wait... WHOSE THEY!?
HOT! CLIFFHANGING ACTION! (This picture is better than the movie)

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