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Monday, February 15, 2010

Brigitte and Brigitte - 1966 - Dir. Moullet

So I'm writing this blurb fifteen days after seeing the film. Apart from the scene where the two girls meet, I'm having trouble recalling distinct details from it. So certainly, it's not terribly memorable. It's pretty straight-forward as French New-Wave is concerned. With numerous rants, young people, and a consistent concerned with American films, even featuring a cameo from Sam Fuller. The film is less fun than the premise suggests (two almost identical girls with the same name meeting in the big city) and actually felt less fun or maybe playful than the previous Moullet films I've seen. It's his first, so it's not fair to impose such things so I'm not gonna be a dick about it. This in fact, awfully cheap looking, which I feel is a big thing to say of the generally low budget Moullet. So I suppose if you're hard up for some New-Wave and aren't familiar with Moullet, this might work. It's a nice crossroads between the two as far as I'm concerned. Not a great introduction to either though.

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