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Monday, February 8, 2010

Two-Lane Blacktop - 1971 - Dir. Hellman

A fun movie! First of all, when is Warren Oates not awesome!? I'm sure there's a movie out there, but I've yet to see it. So, Two-Lane Blacktop is one of those fantastic counter-culture-y movies about two guys just cruisin' around America. It's all right. It has an intensely loose plot line. I did like the ending. Especially when comparing it to something like Easy Rider (which is really a film that should be kept in mind in some sense), the ending is a LITTLE badass. I mean, I was all "You're not gonna end it this way, are you?" AND THEY DID! I'm not really sure if there's any kind of emotional connection to the film. I was never like, "Oh! I get that guy!" But the story telling remains a little more distant than that. They have a very circular type of story telling, most easily seen through Oates, who also probably has way more dialogue that everyone else combined. His way of talking about his car is perhaps the best throughline throughout the movie. It's not as slow as a movie about people driving around could be and it certainly has a pretty sweet soundtrack. A fun driving movie, but I don't how well it's going to stick in my head.
Man! Everyone is POOPED!

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