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Friday, February 19, 2010

Knife in the Water - 1962 - Dir. Polansky

I don't think Knife in the Water was what I expected and I think I spent a good chunk of time waiting for the film to become what I expected it to: A thriller. Especially considering the last film of his I saw was The Tenant, the minimal production proved surprising... perhaps due to it's lack of surprises. The film builds tension and keeps it up so well, that it's almost surprising when next to nothing comes of it. So much of the film is unspoken and assumed, but so clearly leading in a direction, that it becomes difficult to make headway. Everything has an echo. It was definitely an effecting picture. Something I feel like I would need to see again to really determine whether or not I liked it. Despite that, I have to admit that it's definitely a GOOD film. And it's a good looking film. And it's a well-written film. A tad slow, but considering it takes place mostly on a boat, that's really to be expected. It definitely has an "OH MAN!" ending. And you know: I was surprised to learn that the wife was a non-professional actress, maybe because she's the unspoken of rivalry between the two men, but I was constantly trying to pierce her. A thriller that only hinted at being a thriller but wouldn't give us the satisfaction of a release. The bitch. ;)
It kinda looks like he's turning into Roy Batty

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