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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Boy and His Dog - 1975 - Dir. Jones

I won't say I liked this. Because I didn't. But I'll certainly pursue an interest in Harlan Ellison stories. So I can't say it's all bad. He wrote the short story the film is based on. They share a premise, which is what got me interested in the film in the first place. And then I got all interested in Ellison stories. Meanwhile, I turned off the movie 25 minutes into it. I never had a desire to watch it again but did eventually, and often times wanted to turn it off again. The movie is just damned boring. It doesn't have a lot to draw you in past the initial premise, which was engrossing enough to draw me in. But it just doesn't pay off. And let me just say, I can be pretty forgiving with shitty B-movie effects. But that dog's voice just rubbed me the wrong way the whole movie though. Maybe it was because the actor sounds like he phoned it in (literally recorded over the phone [and imagine what that sounds like in the 70s]) after just waking up. I feel like I have to give it credit for some things, like not trying to try and build up a sympathetic protagonist, but so much of the movie feels half-assed or just not as much fun as it could be. The underground town in the third act is completely out of nowhere and abused. The movie is all good ideas and poor execution.
Oh god! Mr. Johnson has a canine tumor!

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