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Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Movie - 1999 - Dir. Smith

This is my second time seeing this movie. I remembered it vividly the first time around in High School, I think it slowly faded from my memory and as my career goes aimed closer and closer to showbiz, this documentary loomed more and more in my head. Of course, I'm not Mark Borchardt. I'm not NEARLY that charming. I'm not even a Mike Shank (I won't get into the debate as to who is more charming). But I suppose the way the man struggles towards what seems to be an earnest dream can be hard to watch if you share his dream. So I put off watching the movie a second time again. Seeing it again, however, I dunno. My fears were unfounded. We aren't watching a man get his ass kicked for 107 minutes. We're watching a Man, try and kick ass. Sure, he has a ton of things getting in his way, but he wants to kick ass BAD. It's actually a lot of fun. And some of the people in this movie are loons. But they are CHARMING loons. I think the one thing I noticed more than last time is the amount of fucking drinking Mark does. Oh, and also, for some reason, I remember him being a blithering idiot. I feel bad for remembering him that way. The man DOES have brains. As many (much?) brains as someone who calls Morocco at 3AM would have.

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