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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Serious Man - 2009 - Dirs. Coens

You know, I liked this movie when I first saw it and I'm writing my bit a little later. And my feelings for it have only grown since seeing it. I really liked this movie. It was one of those movies that to me, just proved that the Coen brothers can still make awesome movies. Sure, they've been on a roll recently what with the terrific No Country and the silly Burn After Reading, A Serious Man is a kind of middle ground between the two. Not an outstanding No Country but not as strange as Burn After Reading. I have to say, Sy Ableman is an incredible kind of villain. He's the kindest man in the world, and all he wants to do is see Larry Gopnik be destroyed. Also, Richard Kind but most importantly is the Mentaculus, which is just a kind of hypnotizing notebook in the film and Kind as its creator is just perfect. But lets not sell short Michael Stuhlbarg, who is not so sympathetic or pathetic that we're watching a man be cut down by life, but paints a man in a struggle just perfectly. I guess it's just pleasing that he didn't end up as much as a pushover as the commercials set him up to be. I mean, he's milquetoast to the end but hell, he doesn't take it sitting down nearly as much as he could have.
Hey who is this guy? Oh yeah... He's Fucking Awesome.

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