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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visioneers - 2008 - Dir. Drake

I've been fooled plenty of times by indie movies released after the once unknown star hits it big. I expected more of the same from Visioneers. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the movie. I feel like its really easy to make this type of 1984-ish future dull. We've basically been exposed to all the different ways the human soul can be destroyed and enveloped by technology and bureaucracy and mind control. Visioneers doesn't pull too many new punches, but it certainly pulls funnier ones. While the cast is quite good, a lot of the time, it feels like they're cruising. I feel like Greer, who is usually tons of fun to watch anyway, is the only one really stretching her chops. Maybe that's not exactly fair to Zach, who plays with a kind of earnestness I don't really see in him very regularly in film. I feel like a lot of the credit belongs to the n00b writer-directors the Drake brothers, who seemed to have a good idea of how to navigate what could have been a rather disastrous or tired script. It scratches the very specific itch but I think I'm more excited by the prospects of the Drake brothers rather than the film itself. OH! That action hero guy is awesome. And Zach's personal trainer: See below.
Watch out Zach! That guy's awesome!

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