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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Encounters at the End of the World - 2007 - Dir. Herzog

Man, I do get quite a kick out of Herzog. The man can make ANY kind of movie! Well, it's not always good, but this is a good one! He comes out saying this isn't like the usual nature documentary, taking a somewhat obnoxious and already dated jab at March of the Penguins. He's right though. The man went to Antarctica and ended up with something that focuses on the people's own eccentricities as much as the AWFUL UNSEEN CREATURES OF THE DEEP. Really, there are some nightmare creatures down there and that Jellyfish doesn't do it justice. He also captures some incredible footage. Some things he sees are so surreally beautiful, it's incredible to think they are just naturally occurrences. The sections of the film that are JUST nature footage are easily my favorite parts. ADDITIONALLY, you meet some pretty interesting people. The movie paints Antarctica as a last refuge for social outcasts and misfits. And Herzog (social misfit himself) captures them well, if in his own socially misfit-y way. At one point, the voice over mocks someone for being boring and long winded. In the end, it's an interesting, and very engaging film brimming with personality.
The Nightmare of the Sea

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