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Thursday, February 4, 2010

All the President's Men - 1976 - Dir. Pakula

MAN! This movie ended REALLY suddenly. Although, in retrospect, the ending was really cool, but I didn't feel any kind of great climax or resolution. Jason Robards kinda give them a little pep-talk/chewing out and then the cool scene with the type-writing sound and what not and then a little summary. C'MON! It's especially unsatisfying since you are kind of waiting for them to get a moment to gloat or bask in all of their hard work but we never really get that moment. Their victory is suddenly made distant, unemotional, and factual, a strange twist considering the amount of time spent creating a paranoid and thrilling atmosphere, which is pretty impressive considering the most of the film is Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman asking questions. It focuses little time on personal relationships, it's good enough to define them slightly without turning to charactiture: "Hey, I'm Carl Bernstein and I'm always smoking!" It's kind of like a detective movie in a lot of ways. Except we all know who did it. And I suppose that's why we skip the ending, but I suppose I just wanted something a little more definitive feeling. A pay-off for all their hard work.

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