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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wolf - 1994 - Dir. Nichols

You know, if you told me that this movie ended with a Werewolf battle between Jack Nicholson and James Spader, I would have walked through you to get to a copy of it. I might have been a little disappointed with the final product... but only a little. It's still hard to not enjoy seeing these actors in "attack mode" as they a lifted by wires with their arms and legs splayed like an X. I have to say, the first act is great. I do appreciate a good visual metaphor and the movie manages to stay silly without getting to ridiculous. I mean, anytime a movie compares book publishers to werewolves, it's gotta have a little bit of humor. James Spader is appropriately wormy, and Nicholson actually comes off as a little timid, something you don't see very often. I think the more of a werewolf Nicholson becomes, the less exciting the film gets. Nichols doesn't direct horror, and he continues his trend in this. The scenes are more suspenseful and that's... that's really giving them a lot more credit than they deserve. A LOT MORE. By the time we get to the werewolf battle, the movie's deflated a little bit. OH! But Richard Jenkins is absolutely awesome as a lazy-ish cop. And David Schwimmer has a bit part as a cop. MAN! That's like casting David Schwimmer as someone with tons of charisma.

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