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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - 1985 - Dir. Miller/Ogilve

So Thunderdome was generally reputed to be the ridiculous of the Mad Max series. While I have difficulty saying whether or not it was better than the first (The second being easily my favorite), it's sort of a continuation of the steps took in the second, the ridiculousness of it all, over-the-top villains. That aspect of it, I dug like nobody else. The movie drags, ESPECIALLY when the Lost Children are introduced. They don't suck as much as Lost Children could, but they aren't the Thunderdome. In fact, NO part of the movie except the Thunderdome part is the Thunderdome. That part is most certainly the Thunderdome. I might say the movie's first act is good and then everything sort of peters out from there. The ending is completely... well, the ending sucks ass. Tina Turner laughing at Max and walking away. WTF!? While the chase is exciting, I think the movie had lost it's charm at that point. To be honest, I can remember the Road Warrior chase WAAAAAY more memorable than the Thunderdome one. They felt basically the same except there's a train in it, and there's that guy that won't die. I think with all of its campiness, Thunderdome is not as much fun as it looks. Even though it looks like a ton of fun. Even thinking back to it, I want to like it.
The only three emotions I felt during this movie.

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