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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Name is Bruce - 2007 - Dir. Campbell

So, Bruce Campbell. A man who was a kind of demi-god for me in high school. I'll admit that perhaps I lost a little bit of interest in the man. By that, I mean, I won't just watch ANY movie because BC is in it. But it does help. After all, I did decide to eventually watch this movie. Forgetting that it was, in fact, directed by Campbell, which is an intensely interesting idea. It's a goofy movie. Sometimes, perhaps when we're not seeing Campbell, it can be a little tricky to watch. The teen-filled opening is a little cringe-worthy. Campbell definitely makes a point to camp it up, illustrated by his INSANE opening scenes. To the degree where I had a smile but while rolling my eyes. Campbell basically goes insane and gets drunk pretty quickly and then he's suddenly fighting Asian demons. Oh, and Ted Raimi is awesome in 2/3 roles he was. I did not like his chinese fella. The film doesn't ask a lot from the audience. Basically only asking us to enjoy the film. And we probably will. I like to think of myself as a rather jaded Campbell fan but I still found enough to sit though the movie and I won't speak a word too harshly about it. And I'm certainly glad that they are making a sequel. The HYPER- meta idea of Bruce Campbell LITERALLY being a horror hero is pretty fucking awesome
Oh hey, look! Acting!

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