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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Prairie Home Companion - 2006 - Dir. Altman

I did not know who Garrison Keillor was. Hell, I barely know who he is now! You know... he's that guy! In the picture below! I mean, I'm no radio child. I've listened to probably a total of twelve minutes of radio in my lifetime. So stumbling into this film blindly, what did I think? Seemed all right to me! It certainly wasn't my exact cup of tea but I can't deny the humor of it and Keillor was actually a really great... uh... centerpiece for the film, kind of a gathering unit. The film seems to try and avoid self-importance, never sounding like a love song for the radio show instead it seems like its trying to accurate depict the feeling of the show. At times, it probably is acting like a "Best Of..." of the radio show. Some post-viewing reading informed me that my favorite jokes were perhaps old favorites. It's certainly proves that even towards the end, Altman had a touch for making something very watchable out of a lot of hectic characters. I imagine if you aren't fans of Keillor or can't find an entry point in the trailer, there are better Altman's out there to see. I'm not sure the movie made a Keillor fan out of me or changed my opinion of country/folk music, but it certainly charmed the pants offa me.
GK looks like a demented Toby Jones who is going to bust some heads.

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