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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Autumn Afternoon - 1962 - Dir. Ozu

Ahhhhh... Ozu. Flowing like a clear stream of... uh... Japanese family dramas. It really is like he's making the same movie again and again. Granted, I'm watching all of the movies of the same period. But I don't want that to register as a complaint. This one features an aging widower trying to marry off his daughter before she gets too old. Basically like a different version of Late Autumn. The film actually has a strange focus on alcohol, I've never seen before in an Ozu film, which I always considered a little strange considering the amount of booze the man was known for drinking. Most scenes involve drinking and there's a surprising amount of drunkenness for an Ozu film. It's kind of like an elderly Swingers for 1960's Japan :p Although I've apparently seen the End of Summer before, I would like to watch it in this context of the rest of his color films considering so many of them revolve around marriage and relationships between generations. I feel like this one tried least to be coy and charming. That's not to say it is a strict drama, but I feel like the film was very focused and even in goofy drinking scenes, there is a kind of reality and sadness undercutting it all.
Her smile is trying to keep up with her mouth!

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