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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arachnophobia - 1990 - Dir. Marshall

When I say Arachnophobia is a perfect movie... I am not being ironic. That movie is like Movie 101. Maybe Horror Movie 101. It's not an incredible movie. It doesn't even stand out terribly. The thing is... is that it is one of those movies that just does everything it should. If I wanted someone to study basic story telling elements in a film, I might just suggest they watch Jeff Daniels mug around and be afraid of spiders. It's entertaining enough. Doesn't lag. And actually has a really satisfying climax, bringing all kinds of things together. John Goodman is absolutely RADIANT as the doofy exterminator and I must admit at being a little surprised that he doesn't die. I can't I found the movie scary exactly. Or even all that tense. Maybe my own Arachnophobia has long gone. Or then again, the movie might just not be all that scary. I'm not badmouthing it or anything. It's sure entertaining. So it's a real good basic movie. Perfect for those days when you just want a well-oiled machine. But if you're looking for something a little challenging, if you don't have a huge fear of spiders, I suggest looking elsewhere.
Watch out! They're getting ready for dinner!

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