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Friday, February 26, 2010

M. Butterfly - 1993 - Dir. Cronenberg

You know! I didn't have really high expectations for this movie but I totally dug it WAAAAAY more than I thought I would. Although, I should point out that I expected it to be the musical which I know next to nothing about. So, yeah, I'm fairly uninformed about a great deal of the background to the film, well, I WAS. The movie did a really good job of letting me know enough about the opera to follow the story. Maybe I missed some clever nods, but I think I got the thematic tomfoolery the story was playing. And I DUG the tomfoolery. It's a real clever twist. ALSO, Cronenberg was surprisingly adept at directing. His previous films and tendencies actually do show up in more subtle ways. Yes, BODILY TRANSFORMATION. I mean, I got the hell behind this movie. Jeremy Iron and John Lone are both awesome. Lone is totally such a bitch at the beginning of the movie, but still terribly mesmerizing. Even gender aspects aside, it must have been a pretty challenging part to play, considering how complex the character is. Oh, and Ian Richardson is in it. I loves me an Ian Richardson.
It looks like Jeremy Irons is having sex with the girl from the Ring.

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