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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brick - 2005 - DIr. Johnson

I suppose like a twisted, flaming car wreak, Brick could have been a bad time. Instead... it was... well, it was something else. Sort of like a drive that is all right except that the car keeps swerving into oncoming traffic. It holds your attention. But after a while, it grows tedious and you just want to get to your destination. You still have to admire the balls on a driver that swerves so much though. I mean, really, I could have only predicted the worst for this movie. So, if gathered anything. This movie is not the Worst. I'm not sure I'll see it again. Sometimes I was thrown by how silly the movie was at times and it made me rethink how ironic it was aiming for. I imagine the bulk of the movie was supposed to be taken seriously, which I couldn't do. The film while handling a pretty masterful tone, doesn't feel like it creates a real world. When I think about when the film retreats into silliness, it's often when it must look at the larger world, the parents, the principals. Upon leaving the film noir California bubble, we see nothing but a facade. Brick becomes nothing more threatening than a Lukas Haas with a gimp foot and a cape and his unconvincing muscle. I heard a lot of criticism of the dialogue, which I actually got behind. And it certainly flowed naturally enough and the slang doesn't sound NEARLY made up as I was led to believe. Oh, and JGL does kick ass. Even though I got real thrills seeing him get the crap beaten out of him. OH! And I could have done without his mystery illness. It kept derailing shit for me.

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