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Friday, February 5, 2010

Duck Season - 2004 - Dir. Eimbcke

Duck Season plays by the rules more than you think it will. The first impression it makes is that it won't give us the formulaic movement of the "I'm slacking around at home" film. It does give in to some degree. We have video games that can't be played, love interest, drug use, new friends, pizza guys, thinking about life. You know, movie stuff. The opening minutes feel like the movie won't have movie stuff in it. But let me move on. I will admit that as far as that genre is concerned, it's top-notch. If it isn't breaking new ground, it's certainly traveling the worn road with class. I like the whole Duck business that was going on in the film. All the acting is dandy, which is definitely impressive considering the age of the cast. Although, I must admit liking the pizza guy character. Probably he ends up having the most full arc, which isn't a surprise being that he is probably the oldest character. Although now that sounds like children can't have full arcs, which is TOTALLY what I'm not saying. OR am I? Hrm. Well, nothing feels awfully explicit but it's not so vague where by the end of the film, I can't understand what I've watched. It shifts between playful and somber with ease. I nice little movie if people slacking is what you're looking for.
Roberto Benigni?

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