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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Informant! - 2009 - Dir. Soderbergh

Heck, I was pretty surprised by The Informant! I feel like I even had a good idea of what I was in for. Hell, I DID have a good idea. And I wasn't wrong. I guess, Soderbergh just goes so far into the musak aesthetics of the movie, it's a blaring announcement of goofiness. From the soap opera camera lens to the color to Matt Damon's RIDICULOUS voice over. You know, these days, people have been doing some pretty sneaky stuff with voice over and I've gotten a real kick out of all of it (BOLD STATEMENT!). I was pretty consistently pleased by the movie, by Damon, and in Soderbergh's insistence on making the film this specific way. It falls in the category of a movie more like Bubble than Ocean's 11. He's being quirkier than he is dashing. And yes, the movie drags a little bit. It's not a polished gem by any means. But it's entertaining. It's funny. Damon is charming and uncomfortable at the same time and manages to balance that load throughout the movie. It may not have left as much of a mark as I might have wanted and as much as the preview might have led me to believe. I would give it a second viewing and imagine I might like it more, which has got to be a positive thing.
Matt Damon is an excellent listener.

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