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Saturday, February 13, 2010

True Grit - 1969 - Dir. Hathaway

I'm not a big John Wayne fan. I'm not really sure if True Grit has really changed my mind. I was told this would be the one to watch considering my taste in Western. Additionally, the Coen brothers are remaking it which only gets me excited. Adding fuel to the fire was that I heard the climactic gun fight was awesome. SO I was disappointed. It's not bad. John Wayne's real good. I can't badmouth the man. And he plays a meeeaaan drunk (as in, he plays a drunk real well). The thing is, he doesn't get my heart pumping. It just doesn't click. Almost as soon as the movie started, I began to see how things weren't going to go my way. It's a neat enough story. I'm not sure I really ever supported Mattie all that much, which I'm sure is an important part of getting behind the movie. I didn't really much care about LaBeouf at all. There are some interesting elements in it, especially when the three of them are at odds earlier on. It's telling of the characters to see who reacts how. I was a little baffled by the highly spoke of climactic shoot out. I'm really not sure what the appeal is. I suppose it's a little badass, but I've already seen plenty of fellas go up against other fellas so I dunno.
Hey John Wayne, you don't know where that... uh... fuck what's it called... it's not a leash. A reign? TAKE IT OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!

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