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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Last Winter - 2006 - Dir. Fessenden

The Last Winter was basically what I was expecting it to be. Something that didn't really grab me or make me get all mad at it. I have nothing but mild feelings for The Last Winter. While it is interesting enough to keep me watching, it isn't interesting enough to make me WANT to watch. I simply wanted answers. I didn't really care too much who lived or died. Or how anyone felt about anything. The pacing kind of putts along. It doesn't feel like we have a huge reason to really be watching the film. I will admit there's is a startling lack of character development in the film. Well, maybe not startling. But I don't know if there really was any development at all. On the other hand, the movie doesn't resort to ridiculousness. It is actually pretty atmospheric and some individual scenes are paced REALLY well. But nothing stands out and I imagine this film could be pretty easy to forget. Even WITH Ron Perlman, who is consistently crabby throughout the whole picture. Oh, wait. Elk Ghosts. I mean, the movie sells Elk Ghosts. It's not silly. It's pretty good, actually. Good job, Movie. I imagine its not easy to sell Elk Ghosts. So, I dunno. If you're REALLY pumped for this movie, I don't know why that might be, go out and see it. It's not awful.
Be careful! You might get Frostbite!

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