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Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Fan - 2009 - Dir. Siegel

I suppose I got what I expected with Big Fan. To some degree this was disappointing. I had high hopes for the film though, so let's keep that in mind. It's as funny and as dramatic and as challenging as the preview sets it up to be. It doesn't go much deeper than that. But to meet the standards of the preview can be hard enough these days. Patton Oswalt IS really good in it. I only have a minor grasp as to what the sports afficiando is like, but it seemed to line up with my general idea without making him out to be a complete retard. Oswalt and Siegel both let us get to know Paul well enough. They do treat it like a dramatic role, they respect it, but Paul is unfortunately a person we just laugh at, and they both seemed to figure that out. I did get a real kick out of Paul's first call in speech, hearing the thing he planned out and the way Patton plays it is just awesome. Sure, the movie doesn't dig as deep as I would have liked, but it digs deeper than a lot of other movies would have bothered. If anything, I feel like I could have gone for SOME kind of change in Paul. The film challenges him, but it's kind of like a Job deal. Where it's just a matter of testing his merit. And when he passes, and so mundanely, it feels a little bit of a let down because it's what we knew from the start: Dude like the Giants.

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