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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evil Dead - 1981 - Dir. Raimi

I only saw Evil Dead once, I believe... maybe twice. Fairly shameful considering the number of times I saw the rest of the trilogy. I wasn't terribly impressed with it. Generally thought of it as a less comedic version of the second one. Which I still think is true... BUT. I think I understood it's merits a little more this time around. I don't know why, btw, but I'm also factoring in that I've clearly been on some kind of gore kick. The film isn't just gory but... It's just INTENSE. It's an attack on the senses. There's a scene where it's just a corpse screaming and bleeding which goes on for so long, it almost felt surreal. And it's also a fairly unimportant detail when you get right down to it. But there's such a focus on the screaming and it's just the worst fucking noise. So, I dunno, the movie's kind of awesome in that sense. The third act is just... terrible things. It's basically Sam Raimi, using the thinnest of premises, doing a bunch of camera stuff and making noise and gore. And he's Sam Raimi... so it's awesome. Campbell hadn't quite gotten to the smart assery or the mugging at the camera or the brilliant acting, so he's kind of just a body for blood to get launched at/taken out of. Oh, and man, that ending gets me every time. :)
You know, it's shameful the amount of Evil Dead 2 pictures that were passing for the first Evil Dead. C'mon guys, they're completely different...

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