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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taken - 2008 - Dir. Morel

Liam Neeson is a perfectly respectable action hero... for some reason, I found this casting strange. Maybe because I'm so used to him being stately and distant. It's funny to think of him kicking butt. Until he starts kicking butt and then you're like, hey... He really kicked that butt. I'm less enthused about Maggie Grace, who I guess is all right. I dunno. I don't really enjoy seeing her emote. I suppose that's more my fault. She does a pretty good job. I suppose kidnapped daughter is usually not the most likable role. She certainly isn't a bimbo in the movie or anything. ANYWAY. The movie is basically Neeson going to different places and beating up the people he sees there. Rather than it being Neeson with a clear nemesis, he generally just works his way up a ladder, we never really see who is on the rung above. I suppose that takes away from a little bit of the movie. We never have a huge showdown to get excited about throughout the film since Neeson kills every antagonist within minutes of meeting them. While I think that's a neat approach (obviously the villains become less like thugs and more like... fat rich guys in robes), I'm not sure that's as exciting for an arc. A straightforward movie for the most part. Will probably satisfy the vengeance craving anyone might be having.
Liam Neeson is a FATHER!

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