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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pick Me Up - 2006 - Dir. Cohen

Sure, not exactly a movie, but I think it's close enough. I mean, it's an hour long movie basically. With TV production value. I think I've ranted about Michael Moriarty before. Maybe It's Alive 3. But seriously... the man is the Shit. He knows exactly how to be in Larry Cohen movies. I'm actually realizing that I've never seen him NOT in Larry Cohen movies. Not even in Law and Order and I have watched that show. I mean, it seems that he's an actor of considerable talent and skill (see picture below). Anyway, he makes this movie. Every scene he's in, it's just... MESMERIZING. He MUTTERS so well. And SO cinematically. To a degree where he is basically incomprehensible but not like an insane person. Anyone can mutter like an insane person. He mutters like someone with a clear train of though, insanely. So, the movie isn't terribly interesting. I'm glad it wasn't longer than an hour. It's clever. Written pretty well. Walker was okay. He was more subdued than Moriarty, which made for a nice contrast. The movie was like a nice Miso soup. A fine blend and flavor but it's just Miso soup. It's not a meal. You accept it with knowledge that something else will come because it's only SO satisfying. The something else in this case... I guess, is other Larry Cohen movies with Michael Moriarty. *shrugs*
Sure, I could have a still from the movie or just this sweet picture of Michael Moriarty

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