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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black Jack: The Movie - 1996 - Dir. Dezaki

I don't know a ton about Black Jack. I had no idea that the little girl sidekick was actually some kind of awful living tumor/parasitic twin. I mean, that wasn't a plot point or anything. In fact, I basically got along pretty well as far as understanding WTF was going on in this movie. That's the point I was making. ANYWAY, it was pretty entertaining, I suppose. Although, to be honest, I'm having difficulty recalling a ton about the movie and it's only been a handful of days since I saw it. I feel like I must have blacked out during the climax or something because I don't even remember what it is exactly. Prolly the most memorable thing are the medical/sickness sequences. Which I suppose is the focus of the anime anyway. There's a ton of people spewing blood. And HOT SURGERY ACTION. It follows Black Jack as he tries to help the Brain Company figure out why it's superhuman Olympians are going nuts. The "going nuts" sequences are pretty neat and the plot/story line is interesting and approachable enough. Naturally, there's all kinds of corporate dickery going on. At one point, Black Jack gets the Olympian disease and performs Olympic surgery. I mean, this is a movie about a rogue surgeon, so I'm not applying realism here at any point. There's a lot of Manga-esqe transitions and editing tricks. Some work really well and some end up being corny. I'd say it's half-and-half. At the end of the day, I'm glad they were there. So, I dunno, clearly it ends up being rather forgettable with some neat "hospital scenes."
Be careful, I'm a rogue surgeon.

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