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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Inc. - 2009 - Dir. Kenner

I feel like I don't see any documentaries that aren't meant to rile me up in some way. I knew what I was getting into with Food Inc. It didn't blow the lid off of much of anything in way of "Being poisoned/fucked over by companies" although I feel like it made the most comprehensive argument. I have to admit, the movie began to make enemies with me off of the bat. A terrible first impression. Well, the opening credits were neat, I actually confused the name of the producer for a butter brand which is pretty impressive on all counts. But the special effects were terribly manipulative and cheap looking. It made me feel like I was getting into an amateurish production. I dunno why, but all the cheap tricks slowly fall away as the first act goes on and then seemed to have completely disappeared. What's left is a fairly convincing portrayal of an industry running amok (and being total dicks a lot of the time). I get puzzled over it's intent some of the time, I think some people criticized the lack of viable solutions, but I suppose it's just to make food safer and more transparent in some ways. The fella below made a strong argument. Either way, it's a perfectly disconcerting documentary and Farmer's markets are only feeling neater.
This guy is basically THE Man.

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