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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Girlfriend Experience - 2009 - Dir. Soderbergh

Another one of Soderbergh's more experimental films. Low-budget. Non professional actors. I don't think I liked it as much as Bubble. It's not bad. An incredibly muted film. Grey seems to know what she's doing as far as tone is concerned. She barely emotes. I'm under the impression she knows what she's doing. She emotes now and then, but the majority of her scenes calls for her to be kind of flat, with a minimum of interest. She's basically pretending to be interested, you know like an escort. The film does feel a little vague in a sense. It doesn't seem to take a strong stance towards what it shows us, and it doesn't tell us so much of a story like Bubble. So we're left with something that feels a little vapid or empty. I do like thinking of it as an experimental drama. While it isn't INTENSELY experimental, it doesn't tell the story in the usual sense. Chris Santos is a pretty good supporting player. He manages to be a whore without being a huge whore. It's also kind of neat to hear all the recession stuff, so soon and being tied into an Escort storyline. I especially liked the scenes of the dudes in the private plane on the way to Vegas. It does neat things, it just doesn't feel like a terribly strong film as a whole.
Hey look, It's Sasha Grey. In that picture that is everywhere.

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