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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 39 Steps - 1935 - Dir. Hitchcock

Hitchcock's an all right guy, I suppose. No problems with the man. After reading his book with Truffaut, I was way more interested in his work than before. 39 Steps was simply on Play It Now so I just watched it one day. It's a neat enough spy thriller with somewhat charming bits with Robert Donat, although, I feel like I might have liked the movie way more with another lead. Or maybe it was just because Donat has such a nothing backstory, he's kind of just a forward motion to move through the plot. He feels more like a charming lead than anything else. It's kind of surprising how quickly he takes up the cause. I didn't feel exactly pulled into the espionage but more of an interest how the guy is going to get out of it. It's pretty basic, the twist with Mr. Memory was fun. It being from the 1930's, it's pretty basic by today's standards but perfectly engrossing and charming as you would expect from Hitchcock. I totally missed his cameo though! >:|
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