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Friday, March 19, 2010

World's Greatest Dad - 2009 - Dir. Goldthwaite

Eh, I suppose this movie made me feel a little bit like the way Big Fan did. Where I basically got everything I was expecting from these "Dark comedies." It seems to go about as far as it's premise would suggest. I think, maybe Big Fan was the better film, I think maybe because it seemed to have a clearer direction. Sometimes World's Greatest Dad feels like it's putting on airs (that it doesn't have) or it is just not as tightly put together. It's certainly got plenty of charming bits. While BF is basically Patton Oswalt focused with more jokey side characters, I think maybe it handles the larger scope of characters really well. It seems to let these characters feel a little more full, they aren't all just awful, hypocrites. Goldthwaite actually, takes time to show us their guilt, so what they're doing is sort of understandable. Sabara is actually really good playing the obnoxious son. He wasn't intolerable to watch. I guess that was kind of a thing, everyone felt pretty authentic in the movie, where I was expecting cardboard cut outs. I don't think the movie really brings anything new to the table, but it's well done enough. I don't think I got behind it as much as the movie wants you to. I certainly SAW a catharsis on screen but I didn't feel it.

HA! ... Ass School.

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