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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pale Rider - 1985 - Dir. Eastwood

Now, Mr. Eastwood. I don't mean to complain, cause this movie is preeeeetty awesome. But the thing is. If you have ONE film where the main character turns out to be a ghost... okay. You know, that's a twist ending sorta. A little surprising. But TWICE!? And he's sorta the same character... but not exactly... it's, uh... it's a little... it's a thing, you know? Ghost protagonist, twice? And you play both of 'em. What the deal? Anyway, I really liked this movie. A lot more than High Plains Drifter. Visually, it was beautiful. Also, there's a ton of men in awesome coats, glaring. I mean, in a lot of ways, it's exactly what I want westerns to be. It's weird to actually watch Michael Moriarty act in a non-campy manner. It threw me for a second. And Richard Kiel is in it! I love Richard Kiel. I feel like he always ends up being a heavy who turns good by the end. Oh! And Chris Penn is in it. And he's young. Yeah, this movie was real good. I know I started with a little bit of complaint, but in general this is probably one of my more favorite westerns and Eastwood movies. It makes me want to watch Unforgiven... but that's neither here nor there. It's got just a terrific mix of myth and badass-ery.
That's a dandy hat you got there Mr. Eastwood.

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