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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Talk Radio - 1988 - Dir. Stone

All right, Oliver Stone. You got me. I watched another one of your movies. You want a friggin award or something? Well, yer not getting it! This was an okay movie. It didn't blow me away. I'm familiar enough with Eric B.'s work that I had a pretty good idea of how this was going to work out. And it did work out that way. It's Bogosian being Bogosian. Classic Bogosian too, I suppose. So there's nothing new really brought to the table here. It's a series of monologues/rants basically. Interspersed with scenes involving more than just Eric. There's a kinda goofy flashback where Eric has Howard Stern hair. And I shouted at that hair. I was MAD. Although, he made a point about the play still resonating today, which is totally true. It's of the time and of this whole chunk of time. We also get to see John C. McGinley (NICE) and a really young Alec Baldwin, or a very skinny Alec Baldwin. I imagine I might have dug the play a little more since it seems to lack a lot of the fat the movie added on. Although Stone does film the final monologue in a somewhat bitchin' way. At least, it all works together. So I dunno, I liked it. I like Eric Bogosian. I have no problem with watching him rant for 2 hours.


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