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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Double Agent 73 - 1974 - Dir. Wishman

Man... I don't watch anymore Doris Wishman movies anymore. She just... I don't think I need her movies in my life. I'm not sure I think they're goofy. Well, they're goofy... but man... THEY ARE BORING. And Cheap. I mean, I suppose I'm just used to Russ Meyer with his, you know, FRAMING and awesome Editing. I mean, I realize it's sexploitation so the bar is pretty low, but this isn't even erotic. Sometimes, it seems like Wishman just picked the worse angles on purpose. I guess part of my disappointment stems from the fact that the plot sounds AWWWEEESOOMMMEEE. I mean, a spy gets a camera implanted in her gigantic boobs but also a bomb wired to go off after 36 hours in case she gets captured. That sentence is the best part of the movie. I was sort of prepared for Chesty Morgan's... "acting," but she hasn't learned anything from her last foray... including how to speak English since EVERYTHING IS STILL DUBBED. I dunno, I wanted the movie to be silly. Or... anything. And I'm not convinced that it's being bad ironically... I think its just ineptness. It just looks like some kids made it in their house. It was clearly filmed in SOMEONE'S house. Although, I have to admit, there's a ridiculous shot of someone hanging out in bushes. I liked that.
She's "acting" tied up.

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