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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dirty Little Billy - 1972 - Dir. Dragoti

I was trying to place Michael J. Pollard throughout the entire movie. I guess, I just recognized him from Tango & Cash but the bastard must have been in plenty of other movies. He plays a young Billy the Kid. I wasn't sure how sure we were supposed to be of the character being Billy the Kid. I mean, I know the tagline was Billy the Kid was a Punk but apart from that... I mean, nothing in the movie really clues you off. I guess, I was a little puzzled by the film. Consistently trying to figure out it's deal. It has a pretty bitchin' score and, honestly, Pollard is a ton of fun to watch. He's a shumbly fellow, muttering and cutting himself off. He's a really neat young Billy. Not exactly shy, not exactly a psycho. But you know there's something special about him. The idea behind the film is interesting. It's a bit of an origin story, which is a little interesting I suppose. And there's a ton of mud in it. I'm afraid I didn't find it terribly engrossing by any means, but I enjoyed watching it. There's a kind of pseudo-homosexual undertone between Goldie and Billy. But I wasn't sure if I felt that the film had a lot of charisma behind it. I wasn't sure if I really cared what happened to Billy. Or Goldie or anyone. It had an interesting idea behind the population of cities and the drive to become respectable. But I don't know how fully it paid off. The film certain DOES have a pay off when Billy shoots the f- out of some dicks. And man, that does feel good to see the man do what he will begin to do well. Visually, it really comes together what with the muddy city, it's certainly an interesting enough backdrop.

OH MAN! That lady is totally out drinking Michael J. Pollard!

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