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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hired Hand - 1971 - Dir. Fonda

So, I guess, The Hired Hand won be over, originally, I was all about it cause the opening sequence was awesome and the Score was thoroughly sweet. Then as the film proceeded, I dunno, I got a little tired of all the cross-fades and transitions. The film's cinematography was AWESOME! but the editing was getting a little tedious and the story seemed to be struggling to get anywhere. THEN IT DID and I was won over again. All right, now I'm gonna chuck my four years of writing school at ya. So Peter Fonda, husband, abandons his family for the life of a drifter eventually meeting up with Warren Oates (whose awesome but that doesn't really need to be said). Seven years pass, Fonda returns home with Warren. There's a kind of clash here though, because Warren represents everything Fonda left home for, the open wilderness and all. Fonda wants to be a family man. Revert back to his married self. And Warren eventually leaves, hitting the open road again. So Fonda picks up where he left off until his past naturally comes back to haunt him and he has to save Oates. Fonda dies in the process and Oates returns to Fonda's home. To perhaps become the man Fonda tried to be. Now, why did I just ruin the whole movie here? Well, because I think what might have become my favorite part was the thought that Oates were basically two halves of the same fella. Oates represented his wandering side. The two men were intensely similar and in the end, almost were living the same life. Fonda wanted to be someone he couldn't be anymore, who he was. It's not a battle between two sides, the two men didn't conflict, but we knew both of them couldn't be around. So the movie is a little predictable. Fonda definitely had to die the story isn't going to catch anyone by surprise. But the movie has plenty of interesting undertones, hot music, and good looks! :0


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